Ready to Publish Your Book? Watch This…

It seems that, now more than ever, authors are struggling to find success with their book. Tell me if anything of this sounds familiar. Perhaps you struggle with:

  • The writing process…how do I get started…what should be included?
  • The editing process…what is the correct word use and sentence structure?
  • The page layout…how should the pages be formatted and what about illustrations?
  • The cover design…does my cover look professional…what should I include on the back cover?
  • The funding…how can I even afford to pay for this process?
  • The marketing…will people actually BUY my book? Do I really have to sell?

The process can be overwhelming at every stage of birthing your book…especially if you are self-publishing and this is your FIRST book! The truth is that a breakdown in any ONE of the processes for writing and publishing your book can cost you time, money and a lot of effort with little to show.

The GREAT news, however, is that, while the writing and publishing process IS hard work, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming at all. As a matter of fact, the entire experience can be very focused and rewarding once you understand the RIGHT WAY to publish your book.

That’s where we come in…

Introducing the Author Success Workshops!

In these success-focused workshops, you will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to achieve the success you desire and deserve for your book on important topics like:

  • How to Create Your Book’s Most Powerful Marketing Tool…the One-Sheet!
  • Assemble and Structure a Media Kit that Will Increase Exposure, Open Doors and Establish You as the Go To Person in YOUR Niche!
  • Developing an Easy-to-Implement Book Marketing Strategy That Will Supercharge Your Platform, Authority and Book Sales!
  • Leveraging Your Book to Sell in Bulk AND Raise Money for Your Favorite Charities!
  • And Much More!

Meet Your Instructors!

Elle_sqElle Febbo is a best selling author, speaker, child advocate, globally published journalist, professional publishing strategist and creator of the heart-centered “Make It Matter” Series. Elle owns and operates a boutique coaching practice, supporting private clients in the areas of writing, publishing, and business development through service and collaboration, helping them publish and sell their books in bulk to raise funds for making monumental changes in today’s world.

Tony LaidigTony Laidig is an author, speaker and expert-level trainer who equips business professionals and everyday people with the skills necessary to successfully create books, videos and other information products. With 20 years experience as a graphic designer and nearly 600 book covers to his credit, Tony’s commitment to the creative process shines out to help others connect with the creativity they have within.


These results-driven, content-rich workshops provide the professional insight you need for maximum success. Taught by two expert-level instructors with industry-leading experience, the strategies and understanding you’ll gain will position you perfectly for maximizing your book publishing process and experience!

To discover MORE about each of the workshops currently available, click on the workshop links below!

Author_Success_GraphicOne-Sheet Workshop: 

Many authors, and especially first-time authors, have no clue what a one-sheet is, much less even having one for their book. The truth is that, by not having a one-sheet for your book, you’re at a HUGE disadvantage in selling your book! You’re missing out on sales and are communicating to the publishing industry at large that you’re not even in the game. So what IS a ONE-SHEET and why do you need it?

Your One-Sheet is the single most valuable piece of marketing material you will ever create for yourself or have created for you. It will effectively and effortlessly highlight your book, your message, your mission and your Self. And, if it’s powerfully and authentically written, you hold a golden key to your book’s success.

In this exclusive workshop, we will walk you through the process of creating a professional, highly effective One-Sheet for your book to help you increase exposure, sales and much more!


Author_Success_GraphicCreating a Media Kit Workshop: 

NOT having a Media Kit essentially means NEVER being seen as an expert and being overlooked by most media channels and organizations. Is THAT what you want for your message and success? Of course not! Unfortunately, many authors, and especially first-time authors, have no clue about the importance of creating and having aMedia Kit. We want to change that! In this powerful LIVE training, we will walk you through the process of creating a Media Kitthat will get you noticed! You will discover:

  • What Is a Media Kit and Why Should We Have One?
  • What Goes Into a Media Kit?
  • How Do We Share Our Media Kit Online and Offline Once It’s Completed?
  • Who Do We Share Our Media Kit With?
  • And MUCH more!

We look forward to seeing you succeed with massive exposure through your Media Kit!


Author_Success_GraphicBook Marketing 101 Workshop: 

Congratulations! You have your book. Now what? So many authors we meet have no idea how to market their book once it’s finally off-press. In this workshop, we will share 10 tips to help you develop a great strategy for promoting your book. We’re ALSO going to show you 10 ways o promote your book RIGHT NOW for $50 or LESS! If you’re an author or are writing abook now, you will definitely want to check out this workshop!


Author_Success_GraphicUse Your Book to Fundraise Workshop: 

In this workshop, we are going to share powerful strategies you can use as an author to raise money for charities. In addition to supporting the charities you love, you’ll expand your platform and presence, partner with amazing sponsors and sell a lot of your books, which in turn gets your message to a larger audience. You do NOT want to miss this powerful strategy session!


Author_Success_GraphicCrowdfunding Workshop: 

One of the challenges many authors face in publishing their book is how to fund it. With editing, cover design, book layout, website creation and printing, self-publishing can become an expensive venture. A great solution available for authors who need to fund their book is “Crowdfunding.” Crowdfunding options provide a platform where you can invite people to contribute money to your book project or campaign. However, in order for your campaign to truly be a success and reach your funding goals, there are specific strategies you MUST follow. In this Author Success Workshop, Elle and Tony break down the keys to running a successful crowd funding campaign and reveal the secrets to gaining collaborative partners, your launch toolkit, 10 success secrets and much more!